Whether you sell B2B or B2C e-commerce is making it easier than ever for even the smallest business to make a huge success of exporting.

You can easily sell on an existing market place like Amazon or Alibaba or build your own online store.

Listen to the podcasts below to learn how to make a success of international trade.

Turn Your Website into an Export Engine

Digital Trade Advisor Charlie Ruigrok provides us with a blueprint for researching and analysing the right way to use your website to sell internationally.

How to Use Online Market Places like Amazon to Sell Your Products Overseas

Digital Trade Advisor James Selby gives us an invaluable overview of how to export using market places and how to chose the right one for your business.

Why You Might Want to Build Your Own Online Store

An overview of the pros and cons of market places and online stores with Matt Anderson of Montage Communications.

Using Google AdWords to Supercharge Your Ecommerce Exports

Paid search is the term used for the adverts you see when you type a search term into a search engine like Google. Learn how to use Google AdWords to test and prosecute your chosen market with Dave Roscoe of FootPrint Digital.

Improve Your Organic Search Engine Optimisation for International Sales

Appearing on page one of the search results is a massive advantage for any business. Learn how to achieve this even if your clients are overseas and speak another language with Tom Jepson of FootPrint Digital.

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