How to Sell B2B Internationally with Amazon Business

If you want to sell your B2B products overseas using e-commerce Amazon might be a good place to start.

You may think of Amazon as only a B2C platform but not only does the regular Amazon carry way more B2B products than you might imagine but there's also a B2B version of Amazon too. It's called Amazon Business.

We've all got used to the great convenience of being able to buy with one click and getting next day delivery. Now businesses are beginning to buy in the same way and this procurement trend is only going to grow.

Amazon now has it's own aircraft flying in and out of East Midlands Airport which means it is getting easier to provide next day delivery to more and more of the world with direct shipments. No more having to set up complex distribution channels you can sell direct to businesses overseas.

Currently you can sell to the following countries on Amazon:

UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and India.

It is inevitable that this list will continue to grow.

How to Start Selling Internationally on Amazon Business

It's relatively easy to begin selling overseas on Amazon business.

If you've never sold on a market place definitely begin trading in the UK only to begin with to get used to handling customer service and shipping. Once you are ready to sell overseas it is currently very easy to begin selling within the EU nations because of the single market. You literally tick just one box on the Amazon website to begin selling to the EU - however you do need to think about handling customers service and reviews in other languages and dealing with international shipping and returns.

Selling to the other markets serviced by Amazon Business needs a bit more thought as you will need to get appropriate legal and tax advice.

Start Selling on Amazon Business

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