Intellectual Property for Life Sciences Exporters; What you need to know

An Introduction to Intellectual Property for Life Sciences Businesses with Jane Wainwright, Partner and Life Sciences Specialist at Potter Clarkson

Interviewed by David James, host of the UK Export Advice and Midlands Export podcasts.

David James: If I am one of those life sciences businesses based in the UK with, perhaps some innovative, or maybe established solutions to problems, what do I need to know about intellectual property, as an overview?

Jane Wainwright: For life sciences businesses, intellectual property is probably one of the most important things that they have to think about.

For a lot of life sciences companies, actually, the only property that they own is going to be their intellectual property.

They may not own the labs that they're working in. They may have equipment that's rented. So actually, the IP that they're creating from the work they're doing could be their only property.

So that's why it's so critical to those businesses and life sciences companies often have multiple different types of intellectual property.

You instantly think about technological innovations and that would be protected by patents but equally, life sciences companies need to think about their branding for both their company and their products.

They need to think about things like their packaging, so that there may be design rights involved in the packaging or if they're on the, kind of, the med tech side of life sciences, there may be designs in, registered designs or unregistered designs in the actual devices that they're generating.

Equally, companies tend to have websites, they have packaging, so we also have to think about copyright and that's usually for creative works. So people normally think of art and music but actually, any literature piece, which includes informational literature, copyright resides in that as well.

So there are a huge swathe of different aspects of IP that are all very applicable to life sciences.

Listen to the full interview with Jane Wainwright talking about Intellectual Property for Life Sciences exporters here:

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