UK Renewable Energy Exports

Five things you probably didn't know about the UK's renewable export market

The UK's marine and wind energy companies exported goods and services to an impressive 44 countries across the globe last year, edie rounds up some of the key trends in the UK’s renewable imports and exports.
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Romag is a UK based manufacturer of solar panels

UKSOL is a UK based manufacturer of solar panels

RenewableUK’s Export Nation study

Our illustrative sample of 43 UK wind and marine companies exported to 44 countries in 2017. The top ten, in order of importance, are Germany, the USA, France, Denmark, China, the Netherlands, Ireland, Taiwan, Belgium and Japan.
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Midlands based Energy Research Accelerator

Undertaking a range of research projects including:

  • Trent Basin -  a community energy initiative which combines PV with the largest shared battery in Europe and the latest in smart technologies to provide a sustainable energy community.
  • The GeoEnergy Test Bed – this project involves the drilling of deep boreholes and utilising new sensor and modelling techniques in order to improve the understanding of how Co2 interacts with different types of rocks when it is stored underground, and to trace the source of any leaks.
  • Thermo-Catalytic Reforming – this is a new technology which converts biomass and plastic waste into biofuels. This demonstrator is installed at the Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham.
  • Energy Innovation Centre – a national centre for battery research based at Warwick University. ERA has invested £20m in new cutting-edge facilities.
  • Thermal Energy – ERA is investing in facilities in Birmingham, Loughborough, Warwick and the Manufacturing Technology Centre, to drive the development of thermal and cryo-energy technologies.
  • Research Acceleration and Demonstration (RAD) building – this houses a range of new equipment and facilities for research and testing a range of low carbon energy technologies
  • Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) plant – ERA is working with industry to produce a commercial scale facility capable of converting biomass into next-generation solid fuels, having coal-like properties.
  • European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) – ERA is investing in new facilities at EBRI at Aston University. EBRI specialises in turning organic waste products into heat, power and electrical sources.

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Videos for UK Renewables

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