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Case Study - How Brompton Bikes Sell 80% of their 45,000 Unit Output Through Export

In this highly recommended episode Will Butler-Adams provides some absolute pearls of wisdom for any would-be exporter. Don't miss it.

Case Study - Pennine Healthcare

Learn how this Derby based single use surgical device manufacturer took to exporting in response to foreign competitors entering the UK market, with Liz Fothergill.

Case Study - Salop Design & Engineering

Learn how this Midlands based manufacturer took to exporting to protect against future recessions with Chris Greenough.

Case Study - BritChem Exporting Paints and Solvents to Africa

Paul Udenze of BritChem tells us the growth in Africa is astronomical but British businesses are loosing out to the BRICS economies despite Britain having an 'unfair' advantage.

International Trade Advice from an Accountancy Firm with Offices in 154 Countries

BDO is the fifth largest accountancy firm in the world and has 1,400 offices in 154 countries. What do they know about international trade? Pretty much everything! With Tom Preece.

Fund Your Export Orders When the Banks Say No

Have you turned down an order that could have exponential grown your business because of lack of cash and the banks refusing to finance? Don't do it again until you have talk to Mark Runiewicz the CEO of Trade & Export Finance.

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